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Novated Lease

A Novated Lease suits any employee who wants to salary package a motor vehicle. Their employer must be willing to offer a Novated Lease as an option for employees and sign a deed of novation.

Under a Novated Lease arrangement the employee leases a vehicle and the employer takes on the employee's obligations of the lease and pays the monthly lease rentals while ever the employee works for the employer. The employer in turn reduces the employees pre-tax salary by the amount of the Novated Lease payment plus the vehicle maintenance in some cases This reduces the employees tax liability (always seek independent advice form your accountant or legal representative to ascertain the best scenario for your situation).

Novated Leasing gives an employee the ability to cost effectively package a vehicle, they can choose the vehicle, attract tax savings as the repayments are deducted pre-tax from their income, the interest rates are fixed for the term and a Novated Lease is totally portable to the next employer.

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