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Consumer Mortgage

A Consumer Mortgage car loan is a typical consumer car loan which is used by an individual to purchase a motor vehicle and of which the financier takes security over the vehicle. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan so hence your monthly repayments remain the same allowing easier budgeting for your repayments each month. This facility is governed under the consumer credit code (UCCC) where the interest rate, commission and other fees are disclosed on the contract. All consumer credit conditions apply to this type of car loan.

This product is designed for those who wish to finance a motor vehicle for private use. The financier funds the full or part purchase price of the motor vehicle direct to the car dealer or private supplier of the vehicle. The borrower can also finance their car insurance premium, dealer on-road costs as well as transfer fees.

Low establishment fees and monthly fees apply, finance terms from 1 to 5 years, fixed monthly repayments & interest rate for the term of the loan, x balloon payment can be added as a final payment to reduce the monthly payments, a deposit or a trade-in may be used at the time of purchase to reduce the amount borrowed and you can obtain a pre-approval before you seek suitable vehicle.

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